Did you see that rare snowdrop bulb up for grabs at around £370 a throw? The papers have been full of it: it’s the “Elizabeth Harrison” (perfect gift if you know a lady of that name) and it’s been discovered in Scotland. Well, this got me out into the garden looking at my beautiful pearly but more economical flowers and I made an interesting discovery. After over a century, I found that snowdrops are not only exquisite to look at but they also have a scent: faint, subtle and very delicate, but there’s definitely a perfume in there. It’s kind of palest leafy green, polleny, ever so slightly reminiscent of lilac or narcissus. Did you ever as a child read the Cicely Barker Flower Fairy books? Well – this is the fragrance of the Snowdrop Fairy, all right. So do pop out, kneel on the wet grass and judge for yourselves!