Sudden Fear


Do you remember the wonderful Jibby Beane? “Don’t be scared!” she used to gurgle, tempting you round to her new space. Years ago I was Christmas shopping in a very beautifully stocked and decorated West End store and a woman behind me inhaled deeply and luxuriously, saying to her husband, “ o darling, doesn’t it smell good!” The husband, I saw on turning, made a very wry face indeed. He was right: there was a very curious reek in the air, almost like foxes. Rank and feral and earthy. In short: the smell of fear. Fear of Christmas, shopping, buying the wrong thing – the whole schmeer.

Please don’t be shy or fearful of coming to see us: I hope and believe that we are informal, hospitable and easy-going. We can make you a drink if required and no one will force you to buy anything. We hope to help, and promise not to hard sell: that is not our way. Les Senteurs aims to help you to enjoy yourself; to provide you with both entertainment and the discovery of unique fragrance; to offer a little perfume education if you desire it. Scent should be all about adventure, pleasure, fulfillment, excitement, relaxation and fun; and that should also be your experience while you are with us. In warm weather our street door stands open: whatever the season we keep open house.

Do you like this illustration, by the way? It’s that ambiguous card, the Nine of Cups, from the Tyldwick Tarot and I think it wonderfully clever. I used to be terrified of tarot cards and even went so far as to throw a pack away. But now a learned doctor is training me in a more civilised and relaxed approach. No more fear…


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