Competition winners!

As you know, during September we ran a competition on our website asking you to leave reviews of your favourite products for a chance to win a set of deluxe samples. Your entries were all wonderful, but Mr Craven had to choose just two, and we are delighted to announce the winning entries!

Gina J – Ambre Russe from Parfum d’Empire

“Anna Karenina. Alexey Vronsky. I listened to their love story on the Home Service when I was 12 years old when I began to be a feminist. I railed at the social mores, which took the child away from the wife of a loveless marriage, I wept at the hypocrisy of the society. I adored but eventually despised Vronsky for his moral cowardice. What a precocious child! And I vowed never to chuck myself under a train for love or despair. Ever. Hurrah for that awareness, not least of which allows me to buy my own jewellery and to choose, buy and wear my own beloved Parfum d’Empire Ambre Russe, a mixture of resinous amber, woods, spices, vodka and champagne, a swirling, louche memento of long-gone Tsarist Russia. It’s androgynous. I can wear it to reflect a poise and confidence which I have learnt over nearly 70 years. I breathe in and I sense the beloved ‘березу’ (birch tree) of the Russians, and the shock of fine frosty vodka. And so do others. It intrigues them, they and the scent follow me. It surprises and satisfies. Ваше здоровье! Cheers!”

Sara McGavin – Carnal Flower from Editions de Parfum Frederic Malle

“Carnal Flower is the most intoxicating experience I have ever had with fragrance. I climb into the heart of this flower, and can almost feel the moisture of nectar on my skin and the gold-dust of pollen in my hair. I inhale again and the greenness radiates. I marvel at how this greenness, a note I usually avoid in perfumery, can be so divine here. But it truly has all the complex subtlety of nature, all the sap and the life, the heart-filling glory. As its petals envelop me, it is simultaneously luscious and luminous – and it is the union of this succulent carnality and this delicacy that reflects all the elements of me as a woman. I could never have imagined that I, usually drawn to rose, leather and animalic notes, would have Carnal Flower as my most beloved fragrance. But when a child it was the scent I would grow up to wear and when an old lady it will be the scent of my memories.”

Congratulations to both! And stay tuned for news of another competition very soon!




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