Opera Buffs


We’re always on the look-out for the novel and unexpected at Les Senteurs so naturally we were enchanted this week to meet Marie Soulier and Adam Swann of the forthcoming Clapham Opera Festival. Marie and Adam have kindly suggested that we combine forces to show how the power and magic of perfume can interact with music to amplify and enhance both art forms. So in October and November the Festival will be spotlighting composers of Bel Canto, the Baroque, operetta – and presenting an evening’s highlights of Don Pasquale. Les Senteurs is proposing a fragrance to characterise the mood of each event; the trick being to choose a perfume which will reflect and harmonise with the music as well as the times in which it was was written. Fascinating ,very! It opens up the mind –  and the nose. We’d love to hear your ideas on this,too. So come round some time and smell the fragrances that I’ve suggested so far and let us know what makes your own imagination soar – from punk to the Coronation of Poppaea.

Image: pureconsult.co.uk


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