“Don’t worry Old Man, you smell gorgeous!”

Creed's triumph: Green Irish Tweed
Creed‘s great signature fragrance Green Irish Tweed still breasts the waves of the perfumery world like a great galleon, leaving a wonderful sillage in her swell. Olivier Creed’s first great cult success launched in 1985, this set the standard by which all his subsequent gentlemen’s fragrances have been judged. Men love to wear it, and their women love to smell them. Green Irish Tweed is cherished, almost idolised, as the supreme acheivement of a family business with a pedigree of 250 years. You might look at it as the finest fruit of inherited talent which dressed and perfumed the Courts of Europe for centuries; in many ways Green Irish Tweed may be seen as a portrait of the Creed family in scent. The name refers to their reputed Irish roots back in the mists of time: the tweed is an hommage to their legendary skill as tailors and cutters; the green stands for the Emerald Isle and for the overall freshness of the perfume. If you invert the bottle and look at the elongated tails on the letters “C” and “D” you see a stylised pair of tailor’s shears, framing the date 1760, the year of Creed’s foundation.  What IS that key to its appeal? Most people love it; lots like it; very very few remain immune to its appeal. Interesting that later Creed attempted a feminised version, Green Valley: one of their few scents to be withdrawn. It didn’t do, it didn’t work. We had perfection already. No point in adapting it, tailoring it. This unique scent hits the brain and the nose with a terrific sense of renewal, growth, earthiness, virility and maleness: the formula surprises some by its floral notes – plenty of violet, rose, iris and verbena. But the overall effect is the scent of burgeoning wet earth, the smell of the warm springtime, freshly cut grass, rising sap, meadows after rain,renewed fertility and energy: atavistic in the extreme, but so elegantly crafted (like a beautiful suit) with traditional animalic notes of ambergris and musk that it suits men of any age or circumstance. The mood is always suave and assured with a sexuality that is mellow and underplayed rather than raw and rampant. And all the more persuasive and effective for that: a man’s scent, not a boy’s. Confident, capable, simultaneously youthful in outlook and mature in experience. A real rouser!

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